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Polar Expressions publishing

Polar Expressions Publishing is a small Canadian publisher dedicated to the task of creating books that showcase the very best poems and short stories written by Canadians. 


They hope to inspire people of all ages to continue reading and writing, and firmly believe that everyone should have an opportunity to share their work and see what their peers are thinking about regardless of age, background, or occupation. They provide Canadians the avenue to write about their stories and their lives in a positive environment.

national poetry & short stories contest

Do you have a story to tell? The National Poetry and Short Stories Contest is a great way for students who are interested in writing to demonstrate their ideas in a welcoming and supportive space. Students are actively encouraged to write and establish their own unique styles, and we welcome all young budding poets and story writers to express their pieces through this contest.

There is no entry fee and no obligation to purchase anything, and over $3500 will be awarded in cash and other prizes to the winners. Alongside the opportunity to win cash prizes, there will also be ten honourable mentions for each contest. The top group of all entries received (approx. 33%) will be published in a keepsake, soft-cover collection to be released in early December. Entries must be submitted by July 31, 2024

Writers who are successful in the first round will receive a letter of congratulations and an offer of publication to their home address in late August/early September, along with an author's release that they need to sign (or have their parent/guardian sign if applicable) and return, or they will not be published. They will then move forward to the final round of judging to possibly win one of the prizes listed below.​


Young Writers Division (15 & Under):

  1. First Prize: $200.00

  2. Second Prize: $100.00

  3. Third Prize: $50.00

16 & Over:

  1. First Prize: $500.00

  2. Second Prize: $250.00

  3. Third Prize: $100.00

  • All work must be original and will be checked for plagiarism. 

  • Entries should not have been previously published (online postings should be removed prior to submission).

  • Please do not submit work already sent to other contests or publications for consideration (i.e. no simultaneous submissions).

  • You may only enter one poem and/or one short story.

  • We prefer each entry to be typed on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of white paper, using 11-pt Arial or another plain font.

  • Poems must be 48 lines or less.

  • Short stories must be 750 words or less. Fanfiction and essays are not permitted. Characters must be of your own creation. Stories should be fiction or fictionalized (i.e. change the names of real characters).

  • At this time, entries should be in English or be accompanied by an English translation.

  • Please retain a copy of all work submitted, as we are unable to return anything. Any topic or style will be considered.

our students' work

At the Dr. Jenny Chan School for Education, we focus on setting the stage for our students to become masterful writers. With practice and guidance, students can more clearly communicate their ideas through writing. We highly recommend those interested to share their work through annual competitions such as these, and hope to produce poets and writers with an appreciation for the power of storytelling. The following published short stories and compilations of our students' work have been listed below:

Students' work printed in Polar Expressions Publishing



ISBN: 978-1-926925-91-2




ISBN: 978-1-990243-02-8




ISBN: 978-1-926925-90-5



In the Mist

ISBN: 978-1-990243-03-5




ISBN: 978-1-926925-92-9



The Orcas Dance

ISBN: 978-1-990243-01-1

Students' works printed in self-published compilations


My Friend:
Prose & Poetry Anthology



2018 Literary Award:
Student Compilation

Book Cover_edited.jpg


Adventures in Writing

Cover by Jolin Ma

Cover by Kalina Yu

The Little Mr. and Ms. Series
Michelle Wan.jpeg


Capoo and His Friends

Michelle Wan

Ryan Chan.jpeg


My Book of
Interpretive Quotes

Ryan Chan

Adrienne Ma.jpeg


The Princess &
Her Surprise Friendship

Adrienne Ma

Jolon Pang.jpeg


The Video Game Series

Jolon Pang

Hailey Cheung-page-001_edited.jpg


The Lost Puppy

Hailey Cheung

Chris Wong-page-001_edited.jpg


Magneto vs. Wolverine

Chris Wong

Screen Shot 2022-08-21 at 10_edited_edit


Rabbit's Diaries

Cindy Zhang

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