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Singapore & Asian Schools Math Olympiad

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SASMO caters to the top 40% of the student population and aims to arouse students’ interest in mathematical problem solving to develop mathematical intuition, reasoning, and logical, creative, and critical thinking skills.


SASMO is open to all students from Grades 1 to 11/12. The duration of the test is 90 minutes for all grades. Each level has differentiated papers and contains 25 questions separated into 2 sections.

Section A:

15 Multiple Choice Questions

  • 2 points for each correct answer

  • 0 point for each unanswered question

  • Deduct 1 point for each wrong answer

Section B:

10 Non-routine Questions

  • 4 points for each correct answer

  • No penalty for wrong answers

  • Total: 85 points

  • To avoid negative scores, each student will begin with 15 points

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