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The Mustang Math Tournament is a middle school math competition run for students around the nation. It is put together by Mustang Math, a nonprofit organization made up of high school and college students.


The tournament is centred around teamwork and collaboration, incentivizing students to work with their teams, not only to navigate the challenging but interesting problems of the tournament, but also to develop strategies for mastering the unique and fun game-like rounds. With several interesting rounds including a logic-based puzzle round, a strategy-filled bingo round, a race-like gallop round, and our trademark "Mystery Mare" round, the Mustang Math Tournament is guaranteed to be enjoyable for any and all students who have an interest in mathematics.

Competition Date: August 25, 2024

Mounting Mayhem (Puzzle)

  • The Mounting Mayhem Round will consist of a series of logic puzzles that become progressively harder. Students will have 15 minutes to learn the rules and basic strategy of the puzzles, before having 60 minutes to solve as many of them as they can.

  • These puzzles often require out-of-the-box thinking, although all topics can readily be understood and grasped by middle schoolers.

  • Harder puzzles will be worth more points, but these puzzles will take longer and/or require more creativity — you must decide what problems to focus your time on in order to optimize your team score.


Herding Hexes

  • The “Herding Hexes” Round will consist of 26 questions to be solved in 45 minutes.

  • The questions will be laid out on a grid of connected hexagons, with more difficult problems being located furthest from the center.

  • Your score in the round will be determined by the problems you get correct, with bonus points available for having more correct answers connected within the grid!

  • You are not necessarily expected to solve all the questions in this round within the allotted time. Instead, we encourage you to strategize how you might use your time to maximize your points!


Mystery Mare

  • The Mystery Mare round is exactly that — a mystery! The rules of the round will be revealed on the competition day. Hints about the nature of the round may be revealed as the competition date nears.



  • The Gallop Round will consist of 27 questions to be solved in 60 minutes.

  • The questions will be divided into 9 sets of 3 questions each, and you must submit the answers to one set before accessing the problems for the next. This means you must strategize when to submit each set (incomplete or not) to ensure you get access to as many questions as possible.

  • The problems will get progressively more difficult, and later problems will be worth more points.

  • Submissions will be scored immediately and a live score of all participating teams will be available during the competition.

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