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poetry and short story contests

Do you have a story to tell?

Students are encouraged to write and establish their own writing styles. With practice and guidance, students can become critical thinkers and communicate their ideas clearly in writing. At Success for All, we focus on setting the stage for our students to become strategic writers. Through the annual writing events, we produce poets and writers who develop an appreciation of the power of writing.


SFA has published the following short stories and compilations of student work over the past years.

Compilations of student work

My Friend - Prose and Poetry Anthology 2017 (ISBN: 978-1-7751063-0-2 )       (view ebook)

2018 Literary Award, Student Compilation (ISBN: 978-1-7751063-1-9)              (view ebook)

Adventures in Writing 2020 (ISBN: 978-1-7751063-2-6)                                     (view ebook)


In collaboration with Polar Expressions

Broadcast, 2020 (ISBN: 978-1-9269259-1-2)

Isolation, 2020 (ISBN: 978-1-9269259-0-5)

Still, 2020 (ISBN: 978-1-9269259-2-)

Behold, 2021 (ISBN: 978-1-9902430-2-8)

In the Mist, 2021 (ISBN: 978-1-9902430-3-5)

The Orcas Dance, 2021 (ISBN: 978-1-9902430-1-1)

Little Mr. and Ms. Series

The Princess and her Surprise Friendship, 2018 (By Adrienne Ma)                   (view ebook)

The Video Game Series, 2018 (By Jolon Pang)                                                 (view ebook)

Capoo and His Friends, 2018 (By Michelle Wan)                                               (view ebook)

My Book of Interpretative Quotes, 2018 (By Ryan Chan)                                   (view ebook)

Magneto and Wolverine, 2019 (By Chris Wong)                                                 (view ebook)

The Lost Puppy, 2019 (By Hailey Cheung)                                                         (view ebook)

Rabbit Diaries, 2021 (By Cindy Zhang)                                                              (view ebook)

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