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Machine Learning with Python

A foundational overview of using Python for solving real-world problems with machine learning techniques. It covers essential topics such as regression, clustering, aggregation and validation. Students gain hands-on experience through coding exercises and projects, learning to implement and evaluate machine learning models effectively.


Data Structures and Algorithms using Java

A course on Data Structures and Algorithms using Java, focuses on understanding fundamental data structures (like arrays, linked lists, trees, graphs) and algorithms (sorting, searching, traversal). Students learn how to implement these structures and algorithms efficiently in Java, emphasizing problem-solving techniques and computational complexity analysis.


Object Oriented Programming using C++

"Object-Oriented Programming using C++" introduces students to the fundamental principles of OOP through the C++ programming language. Topics include classes, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, templates and exception handling. Through practical exercises and projects, students learn to design and implement efficient and scalable software solutions.



"Introduction to Cybersecurity" is a foundational course covering essential principles and practices in safeguarding digital assets. Topics include network security, data protection, threat detection and mitigation, incident response, and legal considerations. Practical exercises enhance understanding.


Introduction to Java

Java course covers essential programming concepts using the Java language, including syntax, standard library usage, loops, strings, arrays, recursion and algorithms , Students gain foundational skills necessary for software development and further Java programming proficiency.


Coding with C

"Coding with C" introduces learners to the foundational aspects of the C programming language. It covers essential topics such as syntax, data types, control structures, functions, arrays, pointers, file handling, memory management, and preprocessor directives. The course emphasizes practical coding skills through hands-on projects.


Web Development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

"Web Development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript" teaches foundational skills for creating interactive websites. Students learn HTML for structuring content, CSS for styling and layout, and JavaScript for adding interactivity. The course includes practical projects to apply these skills, preparing learners for entry-level web development roles.



An introductory program focusing on basic engineering concepts and practical applications. Students learn about LED's and sound effects. They gain hands-on experience through builiding projects.

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